Local Raver Will Take A Break From Trance To Go Listen Out

With the newly released line-up for Listen Out featuring industry heavyweights such as A$AP Rocky, Snakehips and Skepta, one local she-muzzer will trade the dark underworld of Vicks and peaks for some light hearted sunny vibes.

While Cosmic Gate and Ferry Corsten really get Lisa Pham feeling alive, she is looking to try out new events. This may be because she secretly fears her Instagram profile is beginning to look like an ad for a neon lights company, with 90% of her photos featuring her and her friends posing inside a dark, laser filled stadium.

She also realises there might actually be good music out there which isn’t 158bpm and requires one to dance violently for 6 hours. The added benefit is that A$AP Rocky is a ‘total babe’, a consensus amongst all females who ‘omg, I can’t believe used to date Kendall Jenner…!’.

The one challenge for Lisa will be to find an appropriate outfit for the outdoor event. She can’t rock up in the nike bra, black cap and leggings like it’s another rave, although that is her preferred attire and has a 100% strike rate of ‘slaying’.

She’ll probably go for a bright midriff top, cute jean cut off shorts and a black choker, so she can get choked later. Her sunglasses NEED to be small, round and vintage, like, omg, there’s no other alternative. To top it off, a felt brim hat, black army boots and like 50 bangles. With this attire and an Instagram caption “L I S T E N O U T // V I B E S ?” she’s in big danger of cracking past the 1000 likes barrier on Instagram and being seen as seriously cultured.

With Listen Out set to kick off this weekend, Lisa will make the forward thinking decision to save the black windbreaker and heavy gurning for another event. Probably at some new years ever event.  For Listen Out, she is taking a break and trying something new.

More on this story as it unfolds.

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