30 Year Old Spesh Med Grad Braces For First Ever Hug From Dad

After a decade of very hard work doing a degree he didn’t pick himself, Kevin Lam (31) has this morning graduated in ‘Spesh Med’ (as a medical specialist)

And while it means Kevin is ready to purchase a new BMW with his $150k salary in the first year out, it pales in comparison to what’s he’s about recieve today. 

His first ever hug.

“From Dad” whispers the now eye doctor to his girlfriend Joyce. “It’s finally happening babe”

The hug

The couple spot Kevin’s parents waiting outside the graduation hall. All signs point to a long warm embrace from Senior Lam followed by hat toss photos in the sun. 

“Hallo uncle, hallo auntie hahah” Joyce laughs at her future in-laws before Mum laughs just as awkwardly back.

Kevin takes this as his opportunity. He steps, hands out and just above waist level, towards Dad. He braces, eyes closed and a deep breath in.

So close. 

Instead of reciprocating, Pops offers a sturdy hand shake. It’s followed by a pat on the back. Then a quick “good work son”.

Kevin, who has been waiting 30 years for this moment, can feel the grade 7 deep tissue cut open up immediately within his heart, specifically his pulmonary valve. The pain is up there with getting friend zoned by his first crush Jenny and tearing his ACL that time he went snowboarding.

But as a good Asian son who does everything to please his parents, Kevin takes what’s offered.

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done master”

We caught up with Kevin’s Dad, Alfred right after to get his thoughts.

“Oh was he looking for a hug? Well I’m looking for a son who has a few investment properties to his name. Know anyone?”

The interview was cut short after Alfred spat on the ground. 

More spice to come.

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