The YAP Native, The Native or TYN was formed in the spring of 2016 when four friends suppressed by the corporate ladder decided they’d had enough.

“Let’s start a nightclub…for Asians” said the eccentric friend, Jimmy Casino.

“Nah that’s so 2012. let’s get into the fashion industry” said the cultured friend, Jenny Zhang. “We can sell subscription boxes”

“Also been done” came in the Indian friend, Goannadeep Singh.

Before Goanadeep could pitch a Tandoori chicken burger pop-up store, the socially awkward friend, Ignatius Chan, finally spoke up.

“W-what about a newspaper?”

With no experience in journalism, a skill that falls under the arts in the eyes of the community, the quartet went all in.

Piggybacking off the success of others, they’ve covered some huge stories for humankind like Asa Akiras ability to turn gay people straight and the really expensive date which turned Rich Brian Poor.

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