AirAsia Baggage Handler Matches With Ex-Girlfriend Of Drug Dealer On Tinder

A better match than Pipi’s and XO sauce

In perhaps a moment that not even Cupid and Shakespeare could have co-written any better, a veteran baggage handler for AirAsia Airlines has Tinder matched with the ex-girlfriend of a local drug-dealer.

Part-time retail assistant, Julia Tran (22), was enroute to Bali to ‘get away from the toxic people and negativity in her life.’

During a wait in the arrivals line, Julie hopped onto Tinder to see if any nearby talent could pique her interest.

‘Senior Baggage Handler, 27’ read the bio of one Yuben Leasa.

Instinctively, Julia hit the ‘super like’ button and it was on.

“Oi boys, got a match.”

“Mean back tat.”

Before Yubin could think of something funny to say, it was Julie who made the first move.

“You had me at baggage tbh…What type of baggage do you handle?”

Yubin isn’t on Tinder to find his soul mate. Which explains what happened next.

“Mostly international. Large suitcases and the occasional 30L backpacker rucksack *wink face*,”

“If you have baggage I’ll carry it haha.”

Words may simply be words, but not to Julie’s fragile, weathered heart. Yubin just opened up and better be ready for Julie to do the same.

“Can I trust you?” replies Julie, now panting.

A moment of typing and backspacing ensues.


“Yes, you can”.


It’s been confirmed that the two did meet that night. Yubin says while she’s ‘a lil cooked’, he’s willing to ‘save her’ if it means satisfying his manhood.


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“I’m superman haha.”

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