Asa Akira To Audition For Timstar Wants A Wife

Asa Akira To Audition For Timstar Wants A Wife

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Asa Akira is coming out of retirement.

In a huge announcement yesterday, Asa will be coming downunder this year during her first Asia-Pacific tour. The tour has already sparked controversy amongst the LGBT community after learning that the adult film super will attempt to turn a Melbourne-based gay man straight.

Asa however, remains oblivious to the headlines.

“I’m always looking for a challenge and I’m already heading to Australia, so why not kill two birds with one stone?”

The first bird in which the Californian-based pioneer will attempt to kill, is capturing the heart of Sydney-based sex symbol Timstar.

“Haha I don’t know how to say this but Timmy, I’m cuming for you hehehe get it?” laughs Asa.

The 2013 Winner of Best POV Scene will hit the first round of auditions for this year’s sure-fire reality TV hit, ‘Timstar Wants A Wife’, which comes a few months before she performs the world’s first bondage scene involving a Gay Asian Male and an Asian Female.

When asked if having a world-class pornstar put her name forward publicly was in someway exciting, Timstar says, while it’s cute that she wants his D, she’ll have to get in line just like the rest of the hoes.

“I have many babes trying out and I’m trying to keep the names secret until we go on air. But if Asa wants to kill the hype and announce herself then fine. She’ll just have to work harder to get my attention”

“Remember, I have 100 girls on the beach.

Asa says while she’s “a lil shoock’ that Timstar hasn’t quite enjoyed her public endorsement the of the former rapper-turned-bodybuilder and male model, she is confident she can win him over.

“Nothing a lil bondage can’t fix”

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