Like all books, you should never judge it by its cover.

And that’s exactly what Sydney-based Johnny Hung realised when he met Bay Area-bred Gary Ma last week at an after-work networking event.

“So I was in a group, just having a chat. Gary comes in out of nowhere.”

“And you know what? He was a pretty cool dude”.

Johnny explains that it was kind of refreshing to meet someone from the other side of the world, yet with so much in common.

“I’ve been working in startups since 2009. I’m a Warriors fan. I know the struggle of the YAPPIE too,” Johhny recounts in his best Californian twang. “Wong Fu Productions am I right?”

“Accent aside mate, I liked him”.

At that point of the interaction, the young whisky enthusiast even thought about adding Gary as a potential business partner on LinkedIn.

“I had my business card ready,” he admits.


“But then he got real American.”

As complimentary beverages were served from wait staff to patron, the initially cool and laid back Californian suddenly took on the persona of an over-the-top frat guy, flexing his past achievements.

“My last girlfriend was in food and beverage, how much tips you make a night?”

After a brief eyebrow raise and glance towards Johnny, as if to say “do you know this guy?” The waitress moved on to the next set of guests.

Gary, continued being American.

“You see that look, she wants me bro.”

[does she?]

“I’ll probably take her to boba tea. You know what boba tea is bro?”

“Ahzee girls are easy bro”

[are they?]

“I’m winner bro”

[are you?]

Despite Gary’s alleged flaws, it’s been reported that the two did end up hanging out for the rest of the night after Gary dropped a redeeming comment.

“Let’s get some cocaine bro”.

‘Real American’ refers to the headstrong attitude and the constant need to self-boast, one-up on stories and flex during a regular conversation.

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