"But Where Are You Actually From?" Says Older Aussie Bloke
“But Where Are You Actually From?” Says Older Aussie Bloke

After polite talk about the weather, footy and ladies, pub regular Barry (62) felt enough rapport had been established to launch into the inevitable question.

“Korea? China?”

James Liu (21), bartender at his local was certainly caught off guard. With a lifetime of living in Australia James learned this question had racial undertones, but he was hopeful this time would be different.

“Oh you mean like, which area I’m from?”

“I mean…what’s your bloody nash mate. You a Chink?” asks Barry.

“Urgh..I’m Aus-”

“-But where are you actually from? You look like you’re oriental”.

Born and bred in Sydney, James had often felt he was Australian. Today however he is reminded that it’s exactly the case.

“Why does it matter where I’m from? Surely he doesn’t ask Jonathan Mitchell-Jones these types of questions.”

Barry on the other hand holds no grudges against Asians.

“I love Asia, been to Bali five times now.”


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