"Bro Culture is Toxic" Says Passive Doormat Holding Girlfriend's LV Bag
“Bro Culture is Toxic” Says Passive Doormat Holding Girlfriend’s LV Bag

Waiting patiently for his lovely girlfriend to reapply her makeup, Justin has a chat to our reporters about being the perfect gentleman.

“I’m not so insecure that I can’t hold my woman’s bag in public and not be embarrassed,” says the Youth Leader. 

“We were at Sephora and this one guy wouldn’t even pay for his girlfriend’s makeup. Like what kind of jerk doesn’t want his number one looking at her best all the time?”

Ignoring the whipping noises, made by teenagers walking past, Justin explains how this stigma towards guys who go above and beyond for their girlfriend needs to end.

“Bro culture is toxic and it has no place in our society anymore.”

Finished with her makeup, Kristen emerges from the bathroom and recognises our reporter Iggy from a festival they ‘attended’ together before she was dating Justin. 

“Hey Iggy! Oh my god it’s been so long!” Greeting him a kiss on the cheek with a tighter, longer than usual hug.

“Have you been working out haha?”


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“Okay babe lets go,” she signals to Justin as he catches up to her, still clutching on to her bag.

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