BSOC Leader Marks His Prey As 1st Year Girl Signs Up For O-Week Camp
BSOC Leader Marks His Prey As 1st Year Girl Signs Up For O-Week Camp

As the annual pre-uni week of fun begins, for one herd of business students – it’s a time of harvest.

During this tropical season, the male BSOC leaders aim to procure as many 1st year female signups to BSOC camp as possible in hopes of scoring a mate for the June – August period known as Cuffing Szn.

2nd year Commerce/Engo ‘cub’ Devin Lam (20), who it appears hasn’t drank any water in days, can be observed manning the tent this morning.  

As a group of 1st year girls comes toward the tent, he selects his target.

It’s Commerce/Science bachelorette Aubrey Wang (18), who’s overheard telling the girls she can’t wait to drink alcohol for the first time.

Music to his ears, Devin senses intensify as the group signs up the registration sheet. His pupils are dilated.

The credit average holder zeroes in on Aubrey’s signature, then back towards Aubrey’s face like a hawk.

He licks his lips. The cub is ready to become a tiger.

One of the later arriving female camp leaders, Michelle, who actually has a crush on Devin, quickly thanks the girls and moves them along.

But the damage is already done.

“For fucks sakes can you drink some water Devin”

More spice to come.


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It’s been reported that Devin later tried to hook-in with Aubrey on the second night after ‘saving her’ from a first year guy who Aubrey kind of fancied. Devin was unsuccessful, so he then hooked up with Michelle. #BSOCfortheboys

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