Cheeky As Fuck: Investment Banking Grad Tries To Leave At Six
Cheeky As Fuck: Investment Banking Grad Tries To Leave At Six

Put it this way, Sophia Cheng is a cheeky fuck.

It’s not because she comments ‘send nudes’ on every second photo her girlfriend Cherry San uploads to Instagram. 

Nor is it because she’s convinced her barista Marco that her name is actually Veronica.

It’s because at roughly 5:58pm tonight, the first year bonds analyst did the unthinkable.

“Hey Michael, the last part of the slide deck is ready. I have to run for Oztag now. See you tomorrow!” she said confidently to the Head of Trading at AMP Prudential.

Michael Kyrios, who had seen his fair share of larrikins throughout numerous years participating in boys clubs, was impressed by the young daredevils tongue and cheek.

“You’re a cracker Soph! If traffics nice, you’ll probably make it to the field for warm up too” said Michael sarcastically. 

“Anywho, let’s run through the spreadsheet on the Retail Sector after dinner. Uber eats?”

After a short silence and awkward look in each other’s direction, Sophia once again repeated her nights activities.

“Nah I’ve actually got to jet. It’s a week from semis”

Realising the rookie was being dead serious, Michael began to laugh hysterically.

“Wait [gasp for air]…you actually [laughs]…you’re trying to [more laughter]…you actually want to leave now?”

It’s been reported that Michael almost began crying before Sophia unpacked her things and got back on the hamster wheel like the good employee she is.

TYN caught up with Michael who said while he’s glad she knew her place he is also energised by the young players enthusiasm.

“That type of nerve this early into her graduate program? She might be ready to join the boys for nose beers at the EOFY’s party.”

Sophia on the other hand doesn’t have much to say, but wishes she’d tried a bit harder to get into med.

“Should have sat GAMSAT instead of going Above & Beyond in 2013.”


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“Hindsight’s a slut.”

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