Chinese Dad Spices It Up With New Flip Flop Sock Combination

Chinese Dad Spices It Up With New Flip Flop Sock Combination

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Function over fashion…said no one ever.

Kevin Cheng from Sunset Park, Brooklyn has always believed in clothing choices that are both highly durable and comfortable at the same time.

This morning, the 43 year old father, IT Specialist and Jeremy Lin fan will be breaking societal conventions with an ultra spicy high white sock X red Havianna flip flop combo.

“So cool ah?” says Mr Chang as he reads todays hardcopy of the New York Times.

The blend of colours, while eye-catching are the perfect compliment to the main feature: The aerodynamic shape and sweat absorption that allows the first generation immigrant to take the subway to Manhattan in record times.

“Breakfast 7am, Office by 745. Maybe I run across the Brooklyn bridge on the way home for dinner at Aunties house”

But Donny – the eldest of Kevin’s three children, isn’t as excited about his Dad’s latest fashion breakthrough.

“I was cool with the Cargo Shorts and Sandals. But this one’s pretty left field man”

The high school senior believes his Dad has an ulterior motive beyond just making a fashion statement: Validation from the younger kids at the dinner table tonight.

Coincidently, Kevin’s older brother Bevis has been sporting a Lacoste tee-shirt at recent family events which has received a lot of positive feedback from the new generation of nephews and nieces.

“Dad’s just trying to one-up his brother. I saw him get inspired watching Jeremy Lin in slides and long white socks yesterday on the Chromecast”

“Yes he was taking notes”

Kevin on the other hand, says his first borne best watch his mouth.

“He needs to focus on getting into Harvard School for Medicine not The New York Fashion School…otherwise, I show him what real fashion is”

As Kevin begins to demonstrate a smacking action with one of his flip flops in hand he remembers Bevis also received compliments on his hair at the last family outing.

“Those black people weaves Jeremy Lin got, how long they take?”

More spice to come

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