Chinese Grandma Demands You Speak Mandarin
Chinese Grandma Demands You Speak Mandarin

Chinese Grandma Demands You Speak Mandarin

No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. When 88-year old Xie Lan Fen comes up to you and starts spewing a torrent of Mandarin, she doesn’t care one bit whether you speak Mandarin or not.

“I tried to tell her I don’t speak Chinese”, said the unhappy victim, 22-year old Philippines man Jeff Gonzales, “But she didn’t give a shit about that”.

“It all happened so fast”.

The Yap Native, along with many other reporters rushed to the scene to speak with the victim.

Emergency crew arrived first and were already tending to the victim, including paramedics and ambulance officers.

Quick as a flash, Xie Lan Fen turned on them too, unloading an avalanche of Mandarin question and phrases.

Inundated with the sheer intensity of her speech, it is reported several paramedic officers fell to the ground and convulsed repeatedly.

The scene was quickly morphing into an emergency situation.  More ambulance officers arrived, with a shrill of blazing sirens.

The situation was abruptly ended when a passer-by, 24 year old Michael Lin, on his way to buy bubble tea, was able to translate what she was saying.

“She wants to know if you know her son, Jason”, he announces to everyone listening.

The answer, as paramedics and emergency crew start packing up, was a big collective no. A big no we do not.

More on this story, as it unfolds.

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