Scott Morison has reassured the Australian Public that if they nothing to worry about if they live alongside Chinese neighbours. Despite Pauline Hanson constantly telling us to ‘fight the invasion’, a study conducted by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs has found that Chinese families simply communicate at much higher decibels.

The study was conducted after a high incident of police being called to Chinese homes by Caucasian residents fearing the worst for their neighbours.

Steve Bannett, resident of Chatswood, Sydney shared with The Native “I thought there was going to be kung fu fighting from all the screaming going on.”

Upon visiting the family, Police confirmed that there was no violence happening. Just Mum shouting at the kids to stop playing games and come to help cook dinner then smash out two hours of study before bed.

Mr Morris had this to say at this morning’s press conference.

“We take domestic violence and violence against women very seriously. I want to assure the Australian Public that Chinese households simply communicate louder than we are used to and there is no cause for alarm.

And on behalf of the Chinese community in Australia, if any police officer happens to be called to a Chinese household for a possible domestic violence incident, please remove your shoes before entering. Thank you”

Authorised By The Australian Government Canberra


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