Coachella Photos Delayed Till October
Coachella Photos Delayed Till October

Coachella Photos Delayed Till October

In recent weeks, international festival-goers have been disappointed with the news postponing of marquee music festivals, including Southern California’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

What this means for Aussie Coachella Returnees like Amy Ngo (25), is a 6 month long delay in new Coachella photos until October. 

Considering previous years, where the micro-influencer collected 500+ photos that she still selects and uploads from time to time, it’s basically social suicide.

“You can’t just cancel Chella” a flabbergasted Amy reminded friends this morning. 

“How am I going to meet Frank Ocean? I even bought three different outfits from Showpo in his favourite colour”

When corrected that it’s not cancelled, just postponed:

“But I’ve already booked my flights and accom. You think I’m the type to buy travel insurance? Everyone needs to stop panicking over a little virus.”


As Amy voices her disappointment, the only people more disappointed are the friends who could not be more happy to see people like Amy leave their life for a month during Coachella. 

They’ll now have to wait until October.

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