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Dedicated Intern Rocks Up To Work With Coronavirus

Dedicated Intern Rocks Up To Work With Coronavirus

After recently travelling to China to explore her family roots, Jodie Wong (20) isn’t feeling great to be back at work.

“I think I’ve got the flu” Jodie sniffles at her cubicle desk in the bullpen with 5 other goons.

“Weren’t you in Wuhan?” her colleague Will Pan asks nervously.

While Jodie did just come back from a disease-ridden part of the world, the UNSW student  and handbag enthusiast has just reached the midpoint of her 3 month internship at a top Private Equity firm.

With only 1 graduate position available between 40 interns, the stakes are high. Hopeful graduates are doing sneaky things to position themselves closer to the firms’ partners.

Jodie has backstabbed, bought partners’ coffees, learnt their children’s names, watched Michelle Wie and learned how to play golf, and even going skiing with her partners during work break.

Today she’ll provide a timely health risk to her colleagues, all in the name of showing her manager how dedicated she is to the gig.

“She’s such a star employee” said the unit manager Peter. “She’s going places.”

Back at her cubicle, Jodie finally responds to Will.

“Yeah my rich uncle owns a toothpick company there, what’s it to you?”

“Cus the fucking Coronavirus is from there, have you been living in a cave?”

“Yeah I’ve *cough* worked 120 hour weeks *massive cough* since I got back”

[more SARS sounding coughs]


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