Dinner Outing: Mum Reckons She Can Do It Better Than Professionally Trained Chefs
Dinner Outing: Mum Reckons She Can Do It Better Than Professionally Trained Chefs

“Fuck sakes I should have just taken her to pizza”

A suburban mum of two kids has again managed to flex her cooking abilities at a Chinese dinner outing. 

“Ooh stir fry eggplant?” said Mary Chan as she opened the menu.

“Sounds tasty but I think very easy to do”

The flexing began the moment Mum realised she was in a Chinese restaurant, about to eat Chinese food which her own Chinese Mum had taught her to cook.

“Why would you pay for something you can make?” added the badminton enthusiast as the sweet and sour fish came out. “I do cheaper as well”

When the dishes became more complex, Mary seemed to double down on her position.

“Xo pipis with noodles? I can learn this not too hard. Just need good wok”

“No you can’t Mum, this place has a 4.5 star rating on Google because of the pipis” rebutted Mary’s adult son Emery.

“Yeah Mum, these are professionally trained chefs” added his younger sister, Evelyn.

Sensing a lesson to be taught about saving money, Mary’s husband Albert decided to come to the defence of Mum.

“But we can buy from seafood market very fresh and cheap” began the Property Manager.

“You know…”

“Must save money or you’ll never have mortgage boy”

We caught up with both the kids and parents to get their thoughts on the evening.

“Honestly, we don’t need a lecture at dinner” said Evelyne. “It’s called disposable income for a reason, I can do what I want with it”

Editors note: Evelyne also adds Guacamole to meals when possible.

“Fuck sakes, should have just gone to get pizza” added Emory. “Mum doesn’t even know the difference between Italian and Spanish.

When asked if they would prefer the kids to stop taking the parents to dinner the parents said ‘continue dinner’.


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