Disneyland Japan Kicks Out LG For Sexualising Minnie Mouse

If you are thinking of sexualising Minnie Mouse on Instagram, think again.

At approximately 1pm yesterday, a girl visiting from Sydney, Australia, was forcefully escorted out of Disneyland Tokyo for corrupting the classic children’s character.

Officials claim the culprit, Angela Vu (21), was wearing a pair of pink Minnie Mouse ears whilst orally consuming an extra long matcha ice cream.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes” said an unnamed employee.

“She basically started performing fellatio on the ice cream”.

Ms. Vu would continue to finish the snack as her friend Lisa Truong took numerous photos.

But after tagging a a few posts of their handiwork @ 東京ディズニーランド (Tokyo Disneyland) on Instagram, it was the final straw.

“Arousing nearby onlookers is already questionable. But when you start to broadcast your antics on social media it starts to enter pornographic territory”.

“Walt created Minerva for Mickey, not to give your friends boyfriend a boner on Instagram”

“We’ve got hentai for that”.

More spice to come.

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