Make bubble tea at home | Where to buy ingredients
DIY Bubble Tea Guide

DIY Bubble Tea Guide

Learn how to make original bubble tea at home. Get the ingredients you need in a few clicks.

Great news.

Making bubble tea at home is easier than you think. In fact, it takes less than 30 minutes if you have the ingredients.

You can get the ingredients yourself in store or you can get the ingredients in one go online (which we’ll show you how to do)

Let’s get started.

Ingredients list

Here’s a list of the ingredient you’ll need (and alternative options) 

  • Black bag or black tea leaves or a Milk Tea Bag from Bubble Tea Club
  • Milk or Creamer or Dried Milk
  • Sweetener or Honey or Fructose
  • Pearls

Instructions: How to make original bubble tea at home

This will make roughly 4 serves.

Cook the pearls

  1. Bring about 2 cups of hot water to the boil
  2. Add ¾ cups of pearls in and stir until the pearls float
  3. Cook for about 5-10 minutes but taste for softness as you go
  4. Strain the pearls with cold water

Make the tea

  1. Place the tea bags or leaves in 3-5 cups of boiled water. 
  2. ‘Steep’ for about 5-10 minutes OR until water is cool if you want it cold.
  3. Add milk or creamer
  4. Add your syrup


Now’s the fun part.

  1. Divide the cooked pearls into 4 glasses.
  2. Add ice
  3. Pour the tea

…and there you have it, you’re very own DIY bubble tea.


  • If making the pearls over an hour ahead of time, don’t strain. Keep it in the water to keep the tapioca soft.
  • Steep the tea longer if you want the tea flavour to be distinct. Adding milk or syrup will dilute the flavour

Where to buy the ingredients to make DIY bubble tea

There’s three options if you want to buy your own ingredients to make DIY bubble tea.

1. DIY Bubble Tea Kits

This is the most convenient way to get everything you need in one go – without even leaving your house.

DIY Bubble Tea Kit providers, like the Bubble Tea Club, are an online seller of kits that include your choice of over 10+ tea flavours and toppings.

The thing we like most about DIY kits is that you’ll know how servings you have as you can order in ‘packs’

A 20 pack means you’ll have 20 servings of the good stuff.

When you order your ‘kit’ (tea type, amount, flavours and toppings) – you’ll be sent everything to your door along with wide straws for those toppings. 

You’ll also be able to store your ingredients in the fridge (toppings) and pantry (tea and milk powders) once opened.

Best for: Convenience, saving time and knowing how much you have.

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2. Asian grocers

Think of your standard local grocer in an Asian suburb. Or, if you aren’t in one of those suburbs you’ll be looking for a franchise like Miracle Supermarket.

This is a good option if you know what you’re doing and have made DIY Bubble Tea before as you’ll end up saving money (as opposed to DIY kits).

The downside is that not only do you have go out to get the ingredients, but you might spend time trying to find the right ones and some shops might not even stock it.  There’s also the chance you will have too much or too little of one thing as well.

Best for: Saving money and people who know what they need and where to find it. 

3. Online suppliers

We would only really ever recommend this if you are a small business or if you truly love Bubble Tea enough to order in significant bulk amounts.

The upside is you’ll get really good prices by the kilo.

But that’s the thing, you’ll need to order a lot.

Best for: Small businesses.

How to buyWhereWhy 
1. Do-it-yourself kitsOnline through services like Bubble Tea Club.Easy to get everything in one go and save time.
2. Asian grocers…Asian grocers, like Miracle Supermarket.Get bang for your buck.
3. Online suppliersThis is through wholesalers like Sunwide (also this is aimed at small businesses).To buy in bulk.

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