Double Eyelids Proven To Increase Asian Sex Appeal By 400%

Double Eyelids Proven To Increase Asian Sex Appeal By 400%

The latest study from the Anthropological Department at Tsinghua University has revealed that having double eyelids increases your sex appeal by 400%. 

Using study participants from South Korea, scientists separated groups into single eyelid monsters and double eyelid participants. 

They asked Caucasian and other ethnic minorities to rate the sex appeal of single eyelid participants, then double eyelid participants.

To remove cognitive biases, scientists led voters to believe they were rating participants based on their overall image, not a specific feature.

“It’s a really thorough investigation” said a spokesperson. “We can confirm, double eye lids or nothing”

The South Korean Health Department has reported record sales in double eyelid surgery in the last 18 months, with specialist surgeons making up to two/three times more than brain surgeons.

“It’s sexy job, why fixoo brains when you can fixoo someone up to Western peauty standards?” Added the spokesperson leaving our reporters with the following  

“Yesoo, their children might be ugly, but nothing you can’t fix under the knifeooh eh?”

More spicy face surgeries to come. 

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