Despite an excess of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) at 120, an equally impressive deficiency of Emotional Quotient (EQ), has left Alfred Kong as the culprit of some serious social retardation

The junior engineer achieved this feat earlier today, through a rapid-fire delivery of a number of particularly NSFW holocaust jokes, in the company lunch room.

Known to himself as a ‘savage boi’, and to others a ‘overly edgy cunt’, Kong has spent the last 5 years interacting with the world entirely through pop-culture references and memes found on Reddit.

This all became apparent to his boss Dave, when he left Alfred alone with a client for 5 minutes.

“I was like Alfred introduce yourself to Anne”

“Next thing you know he drops an Anne Frank joke”

“What the actual fuck?”

While never diagnosed or placed in student Special Education programs, it is suspected education in an all-boys selective school and the all-boys Engineering degree has played a key role in Kong’s inability to determine what is ‘Safe For Work’, or appropriate with most women.

Professor of Sociology at The College of Ethnic Understanding, Kikki Horowitz notes this phenomena is not unfound amongst high IQ Asian men in their 20’s.

“We’ve found the overexposure to academics and underexposure to the female sex as the likely trigger”.

The Yap has reached out to Alfred regarding the incident, though he has not been particularly cooperative.

“Begone thot”.

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