Subscribed to the teachings of ‘Eat, Pray Love’, Josephine Macatangay (17) has lived life a little bit different, subverting expectation at every corner.

The fact made more apparent than ever, after shocking family and friends by accepting an early entry offer for a Bachelors of Nursing at the Australian Catholic University.

The trailblazing decision comes after years of ‘breaking the mold’ as Filipina teen living in Sydney’s West, experimenting with many eccentric genres of music, such as club RnB and top 40’s Hip Hop, and pursuing unconventional lifestyle trends such as Veganism and gluten-free diets.

“I. Fucking. Love. Tyga. Absolutely frothing to see him at Rolling Loud 2019.” She told reporters while filling out her semester 1 uni preferences.

“Btw have you heard of Daniel Caesar? [Ha ha] You probably haven’t though.”

When asked what inspires her to live life so unorthodox, Josephine stressed “I’m just not really down with being part of the status quo, I’m not like other girls.”

As Josephine clutches onto her black metallic choker and pair of Stan Smiths, she begins to ponder: Why is she so damn trendy?

“I gotta jet. Heading to Newtown Festival”


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