Hide Your Girlfriends: The Filo Guy At The House Party Just Found The Guitar
Hide Your Girlfriends: The Filo Guy At The House Party Just Found The Guitar

PSA: If you’re in the vicinity of 2, Melrose Place East Yapland, then it’s advised that you do all you can to hide your girlfriend.

At approximately 10:48 pm tonight, fringe member of a 10-person friend circle and local pinoy, Jarred Gonzalez, discovered the unused acoustic guitar behind a couch at said groups house party.

It’s been confirmed that the self-taught bboy began to ask if anyone had any song requests before passionately getting into ‘Officially Missing You’ under the veil of his warmly knitted beanie.

Although no one really wanted Jarred to play in the first place as there was a good selection of tunes banging out on the hosts’ ‘Litty Titty’ Spotify playlist, it soon appeared that Jarred was a close descendent of Casanova.

“Ooooooh can’t nobody do it like youu”

As Jarred hit the hook, the surrounding females began to swoon.

“Can you play Leggo House?” said Jenny Cho as she positioned herself near the recent Kevin Durant fan.

“Or what about I’m Yours

All these songs, which Jarred had practiced religiously for moments like these, were effectively banged out in sync with the collective panties of all females in room dropping.

TYN caught up with Jenny’s boyfriend and the host of the party, Jason Cheng, who said while he was shocked at first, the whole ordeal turned out to be a good learning experience

“So turns out acoustic music has the same effect as magic tricks do on the ladies.”

“Absolute love potion from an absolute snake”

It’s since been confirmed that Jason is now taking up guitar lessons in attempt to offset the moves of Jarred.

Jarred, on the other hand, profusely denies being snake and says it’s not his fault that he is so damn slux.


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