“Hey great game buddy”

With a warm empathetic smile, he extends his hand.

“Unlucky with that forward pass at the end too champ. I thought it was flat”

Although the bucket hat wearing prick was not your mate during the game or ever, it seems he thinks he is now the game is over.

After a back and forth 28 minutes involving an excessive amount of yelling out ‘“NO WHERE!” by the opposing shitcunt himself, your beloved Tag Raiders fell short to Alistair Kim and the walnuts aka The Force Field’s .

The last play – a forward pass on your behalf, decided the game.

As you realised this, the sound of loud clapping began roughly five metres away by guess who, Alastair himself.

“They’re buckling! Yewww!”

Now faced with the passive aggressive pleasantry from Mr. Kim, you have two options.

  1. Just take it in and move on to your team warm down / durry session
  2. Match his passive aggression

You consider yourself a pretty standup guy who doesn’t stoop to the level of others.

But by the same token, it’s also Monday night, you had a stressful day at work and maybe your ego has been hurt a little.

“Hey pal nah it was it was definitely forward, good call from the ref”

“Also, gutsy win too kiddo. Your girls are really on form”

“Have a great week squirt”.

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