Girl Is Half Chinese, Half Sick Of You Asking

It’s official, Zoe Muffet is sick of your shit.

Two hours into tonight’s shift at a North Shore care, the part-time netball player cracked for the worse.

Patron Darcy Jones, noticed Zoe’s exotic look and suddenly got curious.

“Two schooners…and what are you by the way?” Darcy inquired.

Ms Muffet felt an instant heat around her neck / ear region. Sure of what first grade Rugby player was asking, she remained aloof.

“Northern Beaches”

“Haha, I love halfies” replied Darcy.. “Especially the tanned ones. You half chinese?”

Technically speaking, Zoe’s Dad is third generation Irish and her Mum is Chinese.

But with the excessive amount of Chicken parmigiana orders tonight, and the shiny pair of RM Williams on Darcy’s feet, Zoe wasn’t feeling all that technical tonight.

“I’m half Chinese”


“…and half sick of you asking”

Zoe then shot 2-time Yacht Week participant this look.

Darcy, who has never really experienced his identity being boiled down to his ethnic appearance, didn’t understand where the sudden sass from Zoe was coming from, decided to leave the premises for ‘fear of personal safety”

“Honestly, the way she looked me was hot, but I think she was also ready to headkick me”

“Just like in that movie Kill Bill with hottie Lucy Liu.”

“You got any Nurofen? I think I’ve got another fever coming on.”


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More spice to come.

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