Girl Procrastinates by Building New House in Animal Crossing New Horizons
Girl Procrastinates by Building New House in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Girl Procrastinates by Building New House in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Vera Wang (22, Digital Journalism Major @UMELB, Casual Twitch Streamer) has always had a problem with procrastination. She’ll do anything to avoid doing essential tasks, like smashing full seasons of ‘Kdramas’, and watching other females be productive (cleaning their rooms, studying) on Youtube, whilst doing absolutely shit all.

Vera proudly wears the “Honours of Procrastination” description on her Instagram Profile.

“I’m responsible and I do the things I should do. Only when I feel like it though..”

Since social isolation has shut down her second home, Scarlett Saturdays nightclub, Vera has gained a lot more time. 

But more time does not necessarily mean more productivity. 

Instead of tackling her immediate problem of Shin Ramyun cups, McDonalds rubbish (Nuggets and Filet-o-Fish boxes), and laundry all over her room, Vera busts out her Nintendo Switch.

“Need something to get me in the mood, before I do all this boring shit”

“Animal Crossing, New Horizons… only $69 in the store, hmmmm”

7 hours later that night…

Vera has rebuilt her entire house in Animal Crossing, minus the clutter.

She’s also figured out how to get maximum Bells from Tom Nook (the pimp of Animal Crossing), to craft her dream walk-in wardrobe, clothes, king-sized bed, bathroom, plants, and makeup vanity. 

The Native correspondent Jenny Zhang, asked Vera’s family what they thought about their daughter’s new obsession.

Vera’s mum, Auntie Wang had the following thoughts.

“I don’t know why Vera treat our home like pig farm, but spend so much time on computer making her hotel.”

“She just come home, sleep, and eat. Never help us”

A week later after the release Animal Crossing New Horizons, Vera has recreated her suburb, Footscray. 

“Goddamn that was a strong effort. I should take a break and meet my friends on Houseparty, before they think I’m bloody insane”

“A shower would be good too, hehe”

“Can’t wait until Kdrama The King: Eternal Monarch comes out”

“I’ll just rewatch Crash Landing On You, before it releases in April”


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More procrastination to come.

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