After spending the last 30 minutes furiously highlighting her business studies textbook, Caroline Jeoung is ready to take a well deserved break.

“Marketing mix was a long chapter. My wrist hurts” she tells herself.

“Time to recharge the batteries”.

While most experts suggest a 10-15 minute break between every hour of study, Caroline is not an expert.

Instead, Caroline will prescribe a modest four episode session of a popular Korean drama.

“I mean sure, I still don’t know the difference between an asset and liability,”

“But I also don’t know if Jing Ju will break up with Kim Ji-Su for Mij Park-Soo”

“Or if Jing Ju’s evil Omma actually died in a car crash or not in season finalee”

“Absolute cliffhanger omg”.

As Caroline fires up the next episode of True Seoul, the hours between now and Fridays exam draw closer.

“How’s study going?” Texts best friend Anna.

“Don’t tell me your watching k-drama”

Ignoring the message for roughly twenty minutes, Caroline responds with a lie.

“Just one more episode, promise.”

“Don’t want to burn myself out”.

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