Girl Who Can’t Cook Adds Hot Sauce To Everything
Girl Who Can’t Cook Adds Hot Sauce To Everything

Girl Who Can’t Cook Adds Hot Sauce To Everything

A local girl, self proclaimed to be ‘really good at eating chili’, can’t actually cook and substitutes the taste of her bland cooking by lathering chilli sauce on everything.

Stella Zhu, 23, is most often seen frequenting Dainty Sichuan Hot Pot in Melbourne with her friends, where she rallies them to concocting lethal combination of peppers into the hot pot soup. When its not hot pot night, Stells visits Pepper Lunch, korean barbeque or ramen houses where she adds so much chilli to them that they all end up tasting the same.

But tonight she’s not going out. At home, Stella prepares a dish of seasoned chicken breast, rice and a vegetable stir-fry. She invites The Yap Native to sample the dish. 

The verdict? Terrible. Overcooked, bland and poorly seasoned.

“This is my favourite dish to cook”, Stella says happily, not seeing The Yap Native reporter spitting their food out into the bin behind her, gagging.

Stella proceeds to slice hot chillies and jalapenos into her dish, followed by a potent mix of Sriracha and Tabasco sauce.

“Mmm its so hot – I love it!”

Her boyfriend, who’s just arrived home, is very familiar with Stella’s eating habits. He’ll not be touching Stella’s food. He’ll be eating an apple for dinner. So is The Yap Native reporter. 

Together they sit down and watch Stella chow down her nuclear meal of spices. Stella’s meals aren’t for everyone, but these two prefer to actually taste their meals, and keep their inner intestines healthy and undamaged.

More on Stella’s eating habits as they unfold.

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