Girl With Resting Bitch Face Actually Just A Bitch
Girl With Resting Bitch Face Actually Just A Bitch

Girl With Resting Bitch Face Actually Just A Bitch

Local woman Lauren Nguyen (23) had recently come to a conclusion: she has the face of a bitch.

The Capricorn’s self discovery was seen coming to life on Facebook this evening when she scrolled across a meme about Resting Bitch Face (RBF).

Lauren swiftly tagged her best friend with accompanying caption “omg, this is so me”

But as it turns out, Lauren might actually be – an actual bitch. 

Best friend Annie Tran confirmed that while it’s true Lauren has bitch face, she also is and has always been, a bitch. 

“I love Loz but I’ll be the first to tell you she was a bit of a Regina Nguyen (George) in high school”

“Like starting rumors about Cindy Vu and that”

“Nowadays not as aggressive but still talks shit about her ex boyfriend Danny Minh’s penis size”

Another individual with some insight into Lauren’s personality is current boyfriend Loui Bui. 

”I think she becomes a bitch when she puts on that RBF bro”

He notes that Laurens body language, is what comes first.

“I see the raised eyebrows and aloof expression and then I know anything she says will be passo-aggressive”

The bitch and the bitch face causality dilemma, is commonly stated as “what came first, the bitch or the bitch face”.

The dilemma stems from the fact that all bitches have resting bitch faces, and putting a bitch face turns you into a woman who is without reason, or, a bitch.

‘Bitch or the bitch face’ can also be used to describe two situations where it is not clear which is the cause:

  • Wearing Active Wear Outside of Working Out or Having a Personality Disorder 
  • Buying Happy Socks or Doing Coke Twice A Week
  • Drinking Kombucha or Telling People You Are Better Than Them 
  • Posting Photos of Yourself On A Boat or Becoming An Investment Banker 
  • Being A Cheap Cunt or a Typical Asian 

More spice to come.

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