Group Books Out $200 Karaoke Room To Gabba To Headhunterz
Group Books Out $200 Karaoke Room To Gabba To Headhunterz

Group Books Out $200 Karaoke Room To Gabba To Headhunterz


Local friends from the area have tonight booked out a $200 room in Chinatown to listen to a variety of Hardstyle and Psy Trance songs, as part of their post dinner entertainment.

The main song selections will include Noise Controllers from 2014, Marlo Tech Energy Tracks and some Headhunterz – song’s which contain a roughly 80/20 bass to lyrics split. 

Although the session will include a few R’n’B classics, the group will get sick of Mariah Carey and Ne-yo 30 minutes in, and that’s when the fun and lasers will begin.

The group’s main DJ and former BSOC member, Eugene Wang (22), says he provides custom playlists at K because that’s what the people want.

“The way I see it, a night at karaoke is supposed to be a journey.”

“First it’s softcock R’n’B, you know, just to warm up the emotions. Then we go some 150pm Transmission lasers and get our Gabba on fellas!”

Eugene proceeds to move his hands in a hair wash like motion before chopping the air aggressively. 

“Or a muzz brother! Depends on your taste mate! Haha, fuck yeah!”

After Eugene stop’s muzzing he then adds a few Kendrick, J-Cole and Tupac songs to the end of the queue.

“To cap off we put on some urban-afro beats.”

“Do we sing all the lyrics? Yes my ****, we sing all the lyrics. They don’t call me Eugene Bang for no reason”

Later on in the night our reporter spots Eugene Bang going into a cubicle with two other males from the group.

We’ll report back when we find out why.

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