Guy Gets Haircut No Other Guy Has
Guy Gets Haircut No Other Guy Has

Guy Gets Haircut No Other Guy Has

An Asian male has chosen to go for a different hairstyle to everyone else. Eric Ho has always chosen to be original rather than follow social norms and do what everyone else is doing.

“0 on the sides, faded, and 1 on the top” he says to his barber. (The barber is awfully quick with the haircut, almost like he cuts this type of hairstyle frequently.)

“Yeah its pretty avant-garde”, Eric says.

Eric then does something that separates him from most other guys. He’ll use wax, and style his hair in an upward, diagonal direction, beginning from the side where his fade ends. This, and a quick spray of Lynx deodorant and he is now, self-professed: fresh.

“He’s always been himself” his mum Leanne says. “He does stuff that no one else does, like play basketball or study a Bachelor of Commerce degree at UNSW. He bought these really great shoes recently that are so him. White and black Vans shoes? I don’t think anyone else has them”.

“I’ll always choose to do something different, that no one else does”, Eric tells The Yap Native. “You’ve gotta do stuff that no one else does” he says intermittently, as he looks up from his phone. Eric was just suggesting to his group that they should go for Korean barbecue and karaoke tonight or go clubbing.

When asked about his music tastes, Eric once again is resplendent in being unlike anyone else.

“I like artists that people don’t really know”, he says. “Artists like Drake, Kanye West or Kendrick Lamar? I love Passionfruit by Drake, it’s my favourite song.”

However you’d be wrong to categorise Eric as solely a rap and hip hop fan.

“I’m also into a genre of music called Trance and EDM. Yeah. There are these artists: Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin – don’t think many people know about them”.

Eric has to cut the interview short however.

“Yeah I’ve gotta go now. Gotta plan my holiday to Thailand. We’re going to go pet a tiger”.

More on Eric’s blossoming identity and this story, as it unfolds.

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