Guy Has Genuine Conversation With Girl, Asks For Her Number, Genuinely
Guy Has Genuine Conversation With Girl, Asks For Her Number, Genuinely

Guy Has Genuine Conversation With Girl, Asks For Her Number, Genuinely

Michael Hong, 23, an avid anime reader of One Punch Man and One Piece is at his favourite bookshop again. Kinokuniya Sydney.

Busy in the stacks, Michael is engrossed reading his favourite manga. He brushes his long hair out of his eyes and looks to his side. Near him is a pretty girl quietly reading a manga novel. But that’s not what he sees. Just past her shoulder he notices the brightly coloured cover of the latest release of 7 cities manga. 

He hurries over and starts reading. The storyline is the best one yet. Kachiko has found the hidden sword of the mountain and gained unlimited power! Michael gasps excitedly in awe. Several characters are defeated and the grand master Hiraku has revived from the dead.

Next to him Michelle hears his quiet gasps of amazement. She quietly glances at the manga Michael is reading. It is 7 cities. The same as hers. 

Michael catches her look. He talks with her and engages in conversation. They discuss a genuine appreciation of 7 cities, its characters and plotline. They even discuss the nature of manga and its role in the future. They both leave the store feeling connected and interested.

Later at home, Michelle reads a news article where it says pick up artists were using Kinokuniya bookshop Sydney to practice pick up techniques on women. But Michael didn’t seem like he was trying to pick her up, she ponders. But he did ask for her number? She’s confused. She looks at her phone. There’s a message from Michael.

“Hey! I’m really glad to have met you”, it says. “How about a coffee sometime?” 

Confused, she puts her phone down. She isn’t sure now. Did Michael make a genuine connection with her or was he practising as a pick up artist?

She is confused.Even though they talked about manga for an hour and a half, maybe it wasn’t a genuine connection?? Is he even a genuine guy? Does such a guy exist? Stuck in a vicious vortex of unsure thought, she deletes MIchael’s message and vents her despair on Subtle Asian Traits.

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