Guy Working From Home Smashes 4 Games Of NBA Playoff Action Before COB
Guy Working From Home Smashes 4 Games Of NBA Playoff Action Before COB

Since March 2020, many businesses have been providing employees the option to Work From Home (WFH) to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While WFH means less communication, there are expected gains in productivity due to less distractions.

It’s the sole reason why mid-level employee, Brendan Chuong (26) really appreciates WFH.

“I’m all about time blocks and deep focus sessions without the distractions” Brendan explains to The Native this morning. “Get shit done”

The accounts payable officer originally blocked out a 5 hour time block from 11am to 4pm in his calendar named ‘No distractions”

However, what Brendan failed to mention, was the 4-game slate of NBA playoff action, set to take place from morning through the late afternoon.

The only distraction today will be to check his Sportsbet account before close of business (COB) today.

“Am I watching 4 games of playoff action today? Possibly”

“Am I more productive with LAC vs DAL playing in the background? Again, who knows”

“Do I have a four-leg multi that needs my attention from tip-off to buzzer? You fucking bet player”

Throughout the day, Brendan streams the games over his Chromecast enabled TV while he keeps his Slack notifications on for mobile. As each timeout is called, the Golden State Warriors fan over-communicates to show he is working.

“Hey Zack, morning man” He messages his boss before tip-off.

“I just forwarded you an email from the client” He asks a few timeouts later.

“I’m smashing through the cost analysis for the engineering team, what a pain lol” He messages as half-time starts for Celtics x Sixers

We caught up with the Head of Finance, Zack McCollins to see what he thought about Brendans communication.

“To be honest, I wish he stopped messaging me. I know he’s watching the damn NBA, I let him borrow my league pass the idiot.”

“I’ll probably log him out at lunch time anyways cos I’ve got money on Kawhi over 30.”

More spice to come.

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