Happy Socks Stay On As Investment Banker Works From Home
Happy Socks Stay On As Investment Banker Works From Home

Happy Socks Stay On As Investment Banker Works From Home

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While a working from home schedule now means a lazier routine for many people, one Chatswood-raised Investment Banker refuses to go with the flow. 

Pandemic or no pandemic, Vincent Diep (27) keeps his Happy Socks ON during business hours, with his fresh new Yap Native tee. On the surface he looks business-casual with a black tee and navy linen blazer on top, but under the blazer is a spicy YAP, ready to smash the bamboo ceiling into executive management.

As Dan Lok says, “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.”

His current rotation of 15 different pairs including Vincent’s favourite Red Pineapple pattern, are reviewed every morning, before he picks the best fit that works in tandem with his MJ Bale Suit.

As he completes this morning’s ritual, the Mid-level Manager is reassured – he has a personality.

“ENTJ” he muses to himself in the mirror. “Fucking wolf you are, argh-ooooh!”

The path ahead, which seemed foggy, is now clear. It doesn’t matter how many soul-sucking things he does from home, he’s still got his personality.

“ENTJ” grunts Vincent as he colour codes his third spreadsheet by 9:30 am. 

“ENTJ” he grunts again, as he adds more Zoom Video Group shares to the company’s tech portfolio.

“ENTJ” He now grunts aggressively as he does a line of coke to keep working Saturday night at 7pm. 

Able to get through the week once again, Vincent, thanks his socks, which helped remind him that he is both ambitious in character and engaged in career. 

With a spare few hours Sunday night and a big meeting with the interns Monday morning, the Diep hopes to set the tone for the team. He adds a new Poker Dot pair to cart. 

“Only dead fish go with the flow,” he whispers. “ENTJ”

Have a productive week.


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