HK Riots White Noise For Henry As He Ponders What Happened To Him And Constance

HK Riots White Noise For Henry As He Ponders What Happened To Him And Constance

A lot has happened in the 12+ months since blockbuster hit Crazy Rich Asians, graced the silverscreen. 

Barring the Raptors becoming NBA champions and Instagram hiding likes from anyone but the poster, the biggest story in that time has got to be the recent Hong Kong Riots.

But while the situation between the government and activists have the world watching, Henry Golding, just wants to know what the hell happened.

“To me and that Constantina girl. Lady I should say…”

“Blimey, she was a good one in the sack” 

From the comfort of his sky-rise apartment, Golding begins to reminisce the on-screen romance he had with the films female lead, Constance Wu.

“We were such a good combo ah?” 

With the sequel shooting yet to be confirmed and at least 4 years since the pair touched lips on camera, the Malaysian Actor yearns for an off-screen romance, if only to fill the void in the meantime.

“I can only hope it’s as crimson as what Mr Young experienced with Mrs. Chu” He practices in a perfect British accent.

Sipping Macallan Whiskey from his billion dollar apartment, he begins to plot his next move.

 “Alexa. When the fuck is the next Miss Hong Kong?”

More in Henry’s love life to come.

Although Henry Golding looks white enough for the Western tastes, Golding is one of the first representations of a masculine Asian in Hollywood. 

And while we haven’t done the proper research, he probably has a bit of a Malay accent, which is unfortunate.

With all this considered, The YAP Native considers Henry a ‘net positive’ for the world.

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