Lisa Tran (23, Sydney) considers herself a bit of Sesh Queen.

She’s been to every Defqon since 2014.

She rails lines every Friday with coworkers.

She even punches cones at afters with the boys.

But a night out clubbing in her hometown of Ho Chi Minh has now brought Lisas status as Sesh Queen into question.

District 1 local, May Trang Van (19), is currently sucking down a large size balloon of laughing gas.

She’s already thrown down two.

Lisa  on the otherhand is halfway through her first. Lisa, can’t even finish a small.

All she can do now muzz and it’s not getting any attention. Everyone is too muzzed out on nangs.

Lisa leaves the club early and goes home to text the penguin she friend zoned earlier this year.

“Vietnam’s shit. When are we doing lines?”

He texts backs back immediately (urrgh) and she leaves him on seen.

She puts her head in her pillow.

No more sesh queen.

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