Grandfather Doesn't Give A Shit About Your Whey Protein Because He Has ghee

Indian Grandfather Jasdeep Singh doesn’t quite understand the Punjabi youth of Australia today.

Girls hang out with boys, children aren’t married at 17 but most importantly; why ghee (butter) isn’t an integral part of a young man’s diet.

Jasdeep Singh from Punjab grew up like most Punjabi men: on a farm with 8 other siblings and an alcoholic father. Despite the hardships of a poor upbringing, Jasdeep prided himself as the biggest boy in his class of 1948 and he owes it all to one thing: ghee

Nowadays Jasdeep Singh lives with his son who migrated to Australia in 1988 and went on to become a wealthy conveyancer. In between morning walks and odd breathing exercises he sees on an illegally streamed Indian TV network, he is fascinated by his 17 year old Grandson Balraj’s, eating habits. Particularly since he joined his local Fitness First. 

“He goes to the gym but eats nothing but chicken and chol (rice) all day,” he told our journalist. “If he wants to be a strong man like me, he needs more butter, not this protein! Look at me, I’m still strong even in my 80s.

We asked Balraj what he thought of his Grandad’s advice to include more saturated fats in his diet, he had this to say:

“Grandad’s had a bypass surgery already and he has to see the cardiologist every month. We had to move his bedroom downstairs because he gets breathless walking up stairs… plus he drinks a lot.


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