Instagrammer Confirms: ‘Wanderlust' Is Secret Code For ‘I Have A Suga Daddy’.

“Not all those wander are lost. But those who do probs has a daddy lmao.”

According to Instagram influencer, Jenny Do (24), having an older Chinese businessman pay for life in your 20’s, is actually the smartest route for a babe like herself.

“It’s the name of the game sister. Get him early, see the world, then dump him for someone you actually have a deep connection with before 30.”

The serial business class traveller and self-proclaimed philanthropist confesses, although it’s shallow, nothing really gets her going like seeing 90+ notifications on her latest bathroom selfie at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

“Back in my favourite city” it reads, despite not really showing any of her followers what her favourite city might look like.

As Jenny boards her connecting flight from Dubai to Barcelona she catches a young couple embracing and starts to wonder how many more awkward conversations she can handle with her 55 year old money tree.


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“Fuck it, he’s taking me to Sokyo when we get back to Sydney”


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