Eastern cultures are based upon tight-knit relationships where knowledge and wealth is passed down the generations. But is it all worth if I can’t have girls over when I manage to pull?

On one hand, my parents came to Australia to overcome language and social barriers, buy a house, raise three children and put dinner on the table. All of this to pass on their wealth so we don’t have to struggle like they did.

On the other hand, what’s the point of it all if I can’t bring a girl home to get my freak on that I pulled from Pontoon Bar?

In a time where east violently clashes with west we must ask ourselves what price we pay by living at home to save money. Meanwhile our Anglo counterparts move out of home, book Contiki tours on credit cards they can’t afford to repay and have a healthy sex life.

They say you can have everything but not at all once. I just want to get my dick wet.

Until next time,

Goannadeep Singh.

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