“It’s Actually Called Boba” Says Asian American

A seemingly innocent meme shared to a popular community on Facebook has suddenly gotten aggressive, with the arrival of another unwarranted American opinion.

At roughly 2am last night, local bubble tea enthusiast, Kathy Truong opted to share her affection for the sweet drink, and have her sentiments echoed back to her in the form of comments and reacts.

“HOW GOOD IS BUBBLE TEA?!?” Wrote the 20 year old meme-queen.

“I feel like I’ve drank more bubble tea since finding this group” Said one fellow Gong Cha affectionate.

“@Kathy that pho went down well. Could go for another B/tea RN HAHA,” replied Kathy’s friend Queenie Li.

But then, things got technical. Roughly 12,000km and 19 hours time difference away, sat LA local, Kenny Wong who was enroute to ‘downtown’. Traffic at peak levels, Kenny went for a news feed scroll.

Upon seeing the thread, the former Harvard graduate turned tea aficionado, took it as an opportunity to throw in his two cents.

“I think you mean boba, idiot”

“‘Bubble’ is not synonymous with ‘boba’” added another American.

“Don’t at me,” said another.

Whilst a quick Google search shows boba refers to the pearls inside the tea, whilst bubble to the foam on top, a quick verbalisation of ‘bubble tea’ shows it simply rolls off the tongue better.

“And if you look at the nutritional content, it’s all the same shit really,” our lifestyle editor Jen Zhang chimes in.

When asked about the ordeal, Kathy tells The Native, “ I just wanted some likes”

“Instead I triggered the American faction of the group”

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