Japanese Rail Company Thinks Transport NSW News Is Satire

Staff of the Japanese Rail Company have shared that Transport NSW Trains news updates are often used as work-break banter.

“I thought Transport NSW was an Australian meme page. There’s no way they are real, right?!”

When the staff members were informed of some recent Transport NSW fails, they had the following response:
“What do you mean they shut down entire train lines to CBD for a whole weekend?!? Baka desu wakarimasen, I don’t understand.”

Chief of train timing, Honda Takoyakimoto shared with The Native “by 2019 we will improve train times by 20% to reach 350km/ hour. It’s not that hard really, just make the nose of the train sharper.”

“We will be able to go from Hamamamammaatuscho to Shinagawa in 2 minute record time.”

More spice and yellow excellence to come.


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