Justin Trudeau Finds Another Minority Group To Defend

Justin Trudeau Finds Another Minority Group To Defend

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had to cut his state visit to India short after he was informed there is at least one Vietnamese citizen currently residing in his country whose rights and freedoms have not been scrupulously venerated and defended on national television. A state visit which was scheduled for twelve days had to be promptly shortened to seven as Mr Trudeau made urgent plans to return back to his homeland and find this man.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (R) along with his wife Sophie Gregoire (L) and their children. Trudeau and his family were on a week-long official trip to India. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

Mr Trudeau’s agenda for the length of his leadership has been to judiciously display and promote the rights of the oppressed minority. Previously in November 2015, Mr Trudeau promoted Harjit Sajjan to Defence Minister in his Cabinet, and once boasted “I have more Sikhs in my cabinet than Modi does”, in reference to India’s Narendra Modi.

Upon hearing that there was a Vietnamese man whose rights and freedoms had not been nationally venerated, Mr Trudeau responded with a “That’s fucked” and sought to see if there was an open position in his parliament for him.

The Yap Native were able to locate the man in question, James Nguyen, 31, who was allegedly shocked to hear the leader of the free world above the Northern American peninsula was making haste to meet him.

“Yeah… I’m doing pretty good. Why does Mr Trudeau want to meet me?

Mr Ngyuen, senior sales rep at Verizon, says he’s never really had his rights infringed at all and he’s pretty happy to continue living as a normal Canadian. He says he was racially vilified, once, when he was six years old, but the offender promptly apologised and is now his best friend. Mr Nguyen enjoys his three investment properties and is due for an early promotion in September.

“Where is this man? His rights are being violated. I need to find him.” said Mr Trudeau.

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