KBBQ Expert Adds Subtle Twist To End Of Soju Pour
KBBQ Expert Adds Subtle Twist To End Of Soju Pour
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A self-appointed Korean BBQ expert by the name of Dennis is also a fucking sickunt.

After nominating himself to serve Soju (Korean Rice Wine) shot’s for the table, Dennis Cho added a subtle yet calculated hand-twist to the end of a pour.

“Urghhh” he grunted, as liquid reached brim. “Isn’t that beautiful?”

“I’m a true champion of Soju.”

By the 3rd shot glass, one table member began to notice a pattern of graceful, poetic-like movement.

“Hey Dennis…you added in a bit of a twist at the end there. You did right?” said Cherry.

“Who me?” began Dennis. “Oh yeah…”

“It’s just Soju etiquette”

Before Cherry could respond, the Soju-Savant, started to elaborate on his finer knowledge of Korean dining and by natural extension – Korean culture.

“There’s more to it actually…” he continued, as if everyone asked.

“If you believe in bringing out its true character, you’ve got to understand the flavour profile first.”

Demonstrating how to smell a Soju shot with his nose to his non-Korean mates, Dennis soon becomes drunk off attention.

“You smell that? Well that’s notes of honey with a hint of bamboo.”

“It’s like Banksy’s work. It takes time to understand.”

Once the first bottle of Peach Chamisul is polished off, Dennis feels his students deserve a treat.

“Can we get some fried chicken and some more side dishes” he says in perfect Korean to the waiter who asked Dennis what he wanted in English.

“Geonbae guys.”

Do you know a ‘Dennis’ in your group? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, research has shown that 86% of all social circles have a Dennis or a bro a who will tell you some riveting facts when you ask them (and when you don’t ask them too!).

Geonbae everyone.


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