Korean Australian Says 'Is It?' A Lot
Korean Australian Says ‘Is It?’ A Lot

Korean Australian Says ‘Is It?’ A Lot

Sarah Han, 24, an avid oztag player and music festival aficionado always has her default response ready. In conversation with her best mate and BFF, Jenny Kang:

“OMG did you hear Michael got arrested on the weekend?” 

“OMG is itttt?

Sarah’s love for the phrase comes from its utility to not only express her incredulity at the situation, but ask a question to continue the conversation.

Meanwhile at her workplace as a busy human resources administrator, Sarah prefers to adopt a formal and polite demeanour. 

“John’s just filed a complaint about Barry”, someone says.

“Oh is that right?” Sarah asks, drawing papers to take notes, “That simply will not do.”

Later in the night however, imbibed by a lethal dose of soju shots and bulgogi, Sarah’s favourite phrase becomes increasingly slurred and less sophisticated.

“Haha I just bought a new pack of durries”, someone says.

“Omg IZZERRRRT … gimme one”, Sarah screams into the night.

At dinner:

“We’re going karaoke after this”, someone says


The breaking point comes however when her overuse of the expression leads to members of her oztag team turning on her. Daniel, the best player on their team and Sarah’s crush, has had enough. 

“Is itttt?”

“Yes it fucking is Sarah. Shut up.”


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More on this story as it unfolds.

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