Korean Girl Loves Jesus Sometimes But Not Really

“Dear God…if you’re okay with me skipping Church today, don’t say anything”

It’s hard to comprehend, but Stella Kim is kind of Christian sometimes…on Sundays if she hasn’t been drinking the night before.

But much like her commitment to boys, her relationship status with Jesus is more of the casual variety, admits the 21 year old Pisces.

“At the end of the day, I’m just time-poor”

“I can’t read your good morning texts just because I’m seeing you. Likewise, I can’t always go to church if my body won’t allow it” says the young law student as she rinses her mouth with Listerine.

“Anyways…what’s with all these questions? Just relax yeah?”

TYN spoke to childhood friend Bora Park and find out how Stella became woman she is today.

“It wasn’t always like this to be honest. Stella use to be holier than a three sauce trifecta on a Halal snackpack”

“That was until she went to Europe for exchange and discovered her star sign, French boys [and girls], all in the space of 6 months”

“Now she’s part-time free spirit, part-time Psalm 1-41”.

With Sunday kicking into motion, Stella is facing a decision of either a 30 minute drive to see her Life and Faith group or taking a cozy nap in her bed before meeting up with the cute designer from last night.

“Dear God…if you’re okay with me skipping Church today, don’t say anything”


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