Korean Softboy At Work Sick Of Being Fetishised By Hannah From HR

Korean Softboy At Work Sick Of Being Fetishised By Hannah From HR

Earlier this year, Dong Shin, had enough.

He was in the kitchen of what was, at the time, the progressive tech company he loved to work for. 

Then, Hannah Gibson from HR, crossed the line.

“Hey Dong, I’ve been listening to KPOP a lot lately, would it be weird if I started calling you oppa?” said the Scorpio.

When Dong chose to ignore the comment and continue making his peanut butter sandwich, Hannah positioned her hip next to Dong’s, prompting the software engineer to freeze. 

Uncomfortable but outraged, Shin found the courage to speak up.

“No Hannah, I can’t be your oppa”

Hanna, did a slow head-to-toe of Dong, before putting her hands on his soft porcelain skin and biting her lip.

‘You’re just like the BTS boys”

When Dong managed to finally get away from the kitchen, that’s when things got worse.

“She began sending me clips of K-dramas and started asking me whether she could ferment my cabbage, or give me a ‘kimchi slap’” Dong told the Native via Telegram.

“I tried to file an HR complaint with anyone but Hannah, but then she sent the whole HR team Big Bangs Concert from 2011”

“For a month after that, 5 different white girls would address me as ‘Oppa’ in emails and sign off with ‘Saranghae’”

At that point Dong told himself, ‘quit’. Here, another cultured white woman claiming to have softboy fever.

In other words, a lazy discriminatory hyper-sexualisation and fetishisation of pale Korean men like Dong, solely based on his skin complexion and pretty boy features.

It’s repressive, racist and in Dong’s words his face “is a literal and symbolic site upon which to construct their fantasies of the perfect Korean boy band member”

“I’ve got a personality for fucks sake”

More on this story to come.

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