Sucker Prematurely Buys Off-The-Plan Apartment After Empty Promise Of Partner By 2020

“Daniel…” he began. “Your long hours haven’t gone unnoticed”.

Staring at the Anderson & Youthful metal poster then back at the 3rd year associate, 46 year-old Managing Partner (MP) Jacob Schevskinsky, delivered his lip service.

“If you keep this up who knows where you’ll end up next year…”

After these brief words with the firm’s top dog, Daniel Wang (25) was certain of one thing.

“I’m going to be made partner babe” He texted his girlfriend not prematurely at all. “2019 is our year. Should we go Maldives?”.

Logically, Daniel then purchased an off-the-plan apartment in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to reflect his new financial status.

“Yes, I’ll take that interest rate” Daniel tells his mortgage broker the morning after. “Just get me the top floor”

Skeptical of the plan, The Native spoke to Daniel’s boss Jacob, who began to laugh hysterically. Jacob then pulled our reporter into whispering range to let him know he never promised such a thing.

“Good joke. But it’s called plausible deniability mate”

“Either show me the evidence or I plead the fifth”

Daniel, also thinks we are joking.

“Haha, no way! Why would they dangle the carrot in front on my face? I’m a valued employee”

“I’ve played golf with Jacob before”.


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