LB Gets Koi Tattoo Just In Time For Summer
LB Gets Koi Tattoo Just In Time For Summer

LB Gets Koi Tattoo Just In Time For Summer

Charlie Chan (22, Junior Digital Media Associate) has been going through an identity crisis during 2020. Instead of travelling this summer to Bali and living it up with the boys in Seminyak, booking lavish villas and acting a fool at beach clubs, he’s been stuck at home with his parents.

“Now I’ve got zero Hinge content, zero personality, and zero matches. I need to shake things up somehow..”

“I need to do something drastic. Maybe I should pick up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, start a TikTok account… or get a tattoo!!”

The Native’s culture guru Jimmy Casino called Charlie on Zoom, asking what motivated him most about travelling. He shared the following insights:

“Travelling is part of my identity. Going to Bali gives me sick content to post on dating apps like Hinge.”

“I don’t have sick one-liners like my mates, I need activities and buying things to have substance”

Jimmy then asked Charlie about what he was looking forward to for the rest of 2020:

“The only way I’ll feel like I achieved something this year, is if I get a tattoo.”

“I need something gangster that will pull the ABGs in, like a Koi fish, Dragon, or Tiger”

“It’ll look so sick with my fresh new Yap Native tee.”

“I feel like I missed the boat for Dragons and Tigers back in high school, so it’ll probably be a Koi. And just to clarify, I mean the gangster Japanese fish, not the dessert bar.”

Due to COVID-19 tattoo parlours have been running shorter appointments to minimise risk of infection. To ensure he’d get inked in time for summer, Charlie paid his tattoo artist twice the usual amount a Koi tattoo sleeve would cost, and 50% off aggybays for the next year.

More coverage on the success of Charlie’s tattoo to come.

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