LB Skips Friday Drinks To Perfect Shirtless Muzz For Midnight Mafia

Cameron Zhang informed his manager and colleagues at Macquarie Bank that he will be unable to join them for drinks tonight due to a ‘family dinner.’ The truth is that it’s Midnight Mafia Eve and preparation is everything.

Cameron’s mental preparation begins by listening to ‘Stay (Mark Breeze Official Remix) by Sigma on his train ride home with his eyes closed. Envisioning the air cut around him and LGs begging him for a lift on his shoulders, Cameron does some slight hip thrusts in his seat not caring for who notices around him.

Once he gets home he scoffs down dinner and watches the very best of Muzzing/Chopping Appreciation Society on Facebook.

Once his parents have fallen asleep, Cameron’s true preparation begins. He locks the bathroom door, removes his shirt and stares at himself in the mirror.

“You are the chef… you are the executioner,” he whispers to himself.

Using the moves he absorbed on Facebook desktop, Cameron begins a slow chopping motion with his hands. Tame and purposeful he begins to add a subtle hairwash ala the great Timmy Sun.

Now he’s ready to add music. First up, contemporary classic ‘Free Tibet’. As the tribal sounds of the Himalayas vibrates down Cameron’s spine, he starts to oscillate in a seal-like humping action.

After roughly 20 chops and 1 Ben Nicky track later, Cam is ready to go full muzztard.

“Bring it home with the hips baby” he mutters to himself.

‘Switch’ by Darren Styles starts to roll and so does Cam. Seeing the glory of being crowned muzz king flash right before his eyes, Cam picks up the pace. The drop eventually kicks, sending him into an all out muzz frenzy.

With his preparation complete, Cameron feels he has what it takes to ascend to the throne of muzz king. With good fortune, the Sync Sisters will be hitting him up with a collaboration request any day now.

More spice to come.

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