LB Transitions From Windbreaker To Borg Jacket As Part Of Wholesome Boyfriend Rebrand

LB Transitions From Windbreaker To Borg Jacket As Part Of Wholesome Boyfriend Rebrand

“Nah I’ve had this jacket for ages”

After 21 years on this earth, a matured David Tran now takes his personal brand very seriously. 

And that brand is no longer little boy (LB). 

Aware that his Tommy Hillfigger Windrunner makes for a really good meme, David cancelled it in favour of the denim borg jacket he found on The Iconic last week

“Fresh as fuck” he whispered when he opened the package at his parents house.

The Leo plans to wear the statement piece to his favourite CBD dive bar on Friday, to in his words ‘show a little class’. What he actually means is that he hopes the female patrons of said bar will compliment his higher sense of fashion to which David will reply:

“Thanks, but can you guess what it’s made from?” 

A denim borg jacket is a denim jacket which features a woolen collar. Although it’s made from denim, LB’s like David will (at any opportunity) say it’s made from ‘Boyfriend Material’. 

Yet as many have tried to rebrand before him, many have failed. David can’t help shake the habits he developed in his formative years as a TB (14-16) and as an LB (17-20).

“Can I get you a long island iced tea?” He asks Jenny Nguyen at the bar. “These ones are hectic bro. Do you like long islands and shit? What like, area you from?” 

The more David talks, the more his cover is blown. The final straw comes when he is tested on his jacket, 

“Did you just get that yesterday?” 

“Nah fuck off, I’ve had it for ages you thot.”

While David looks like wholesome boyfriend material, it appears for now, he is still an LB. We’ll report back on David’s brand in a few years.

Note: It’s been revealed that David is now trying out a new strategy of offering female patrons a line of his coke in exchange for their phone number.  His success is still unconfirmed.

More spice to come.

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