“Let’s Start An Oztag Team” Says 20 Year Old Asian From Sydney
“Let’s Start An Oztag Team” Says 20 Year Old Asian From Sydney

“Let’s Start An Oztag Team” Says 20 Year Old Asian From Sydney

In a move that no one saw coming, Anthony Kim (20) is starting a mixed oztag team. 

As an Asian who is 20, and who’s friend circle is mostly from church, the idea is highly unprecedented. 

The soon-to-be big four talent says that like most of his other life choices, he really thought outside the box for this one.

“I wanted to live up to my rep as the trendsetter in the group. I mean had already set the bar when I enrolled at UNSW. I then lifted the bar to here when I acquired a Coachella ticket” 

*Anthony proceeds to lift his hands vertically to above his head to give colour to his point.

Stella Park, who knows Anthony from their Saesoon Youth Group, says she knew Anthony was trendy, but she didn’t think he was such a damn leader. When word got around, she immediately messaged the group chat so she could be seen as one of the first in on the exciting news.

“Did you guys hear? Anthony is starting an Oztag team. How refreshing!”

“Sounds like something new and fun I can get behind. I think I might just play. When is rego @anthony.kim?”

“I’m in” added another group member Pauline. “Just tell us what we need to do @anthony.kim” 

Anthony himself says he’s surprised with the positive feedback. After all, Oztag isn’t just a sport anyone can pick up. 

“It’s not like you can just rock up with your dogs, socialise, then play without knowing any sport prior”

“And it’s not like friend circles just start a team casually and then stick it out for season after season, and get better to the point of taking Oztag really seriously”.

“We’re going into a lot of unknown territory here”

While Anthony doesn’t know it yet, all of the above will likely come true. Additionally, the friend circles interactions will revolve less and less around ‘church and boba’, and more around Oztag and KBBQ team bonding sessions.

See you on the field.

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